our-servicesPLATFORM will eventually offer facilities for the development of nano-based composite products to European SMEs, as well as strong business support in order to strengthen the market positions of both the SMEs as well as the PLATFORM network itself. By the development of the European platform, initially focusing in the automotive and aeronautic sector with vision to other sectors such as construction expected for the near future, a business opportunity appears for the RTOs with the exploitation of the platform itself. Creating a business plan for each pilot line and establishing the appropriate agreements with selected partners to commercially exploit it will carry out the maturation of the business opportunity.

Three existing nano-enabled products manufacturing pilot plants that were conceived and developed as lab scale demonstrators in previous FP7 projects will be further enhanced within the PLATFORM project. PLATFORM will automate several steps of the three manufacturing processes including: re-design of equipment layouts, introduction of novel in-situ characterization methods as well as incorporation of instrumentation for nanomaterials and nanomaterials-based intermediates. The main targets of this development will be a higher quality of the products, improved process repeatability and yield whilst reducing lead times and product costs.