Doped veils


5wt.% CNT-doped veil, GSM=20g/m2 Melting range: 110-130°C


Non-woven veils are structural materials composed of randomly distributed thin fibres bonded together chemically or physically. The areal weight (GSM) can vary between 6 and 20 [g/m2]. The veils available on the market are fabricated of neat thermoplastic polymers or are doped with metallic particles. The project offers a new type of thermoplastic veils containing carbon nanotubes (CNT) which are a lightweight structure with great flexibility and sticky properties. The thickness of fibres in the veils can be varied from 100 to 30µm with the lowest GSM equal to 6g/m2. CNT-doped veils have a variety of potential applications as a light-weight alternative for shielding materials in the aviation, automotive, military, medical and electronic industries. CNT-doped veils can be inserted into GFRP or CFRP during manufacturing of composites using infusion or pressing methods, as well as an autoclave. Depending on the technique used, CNT-doped veils may consist of different types of thermoplastic polymer with lower or higher melting range. Moreover, different levels of CNT-doped veils’ conductivity make these materials suitable for antistatic or EMI shielding applications. The inclusion of CNT-doped veils into laminate improves performance – mainly electrical, thermal and mechanical performance – while reducing weight and production costs.