The core group of the PLATFORM project is composed of 12 partners (public and private organizations) coming from 6 countries: Spain, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom.

The PLATFORM consortium covers the entire value chain of the product lines including:

  • Nanomaterial supplier(s),
  • Experienced RTOs with existing nanomaterial pilot plants,
  • Major European composite material suppliers and end users from key market segments (aeronautical, automotive)

The synergy between partners will provide a solid technological base, and ensure an effective development of existing plants towards industrial exploitation of the project’s results.

The consortium comprises 5 RTOs, 3 large enterprises and 4 SMEs that represent the whole value chain for the development of the new nano-enabled products production facilities. PLATFORM will specifically provide SMEs with open access to these facilities for the purposes of direct product purchase, product development, collaborative research as well as training. Additionally, the consortium will provide a wide range of support from nanocomposite development, production and integration, extensive testing facilities as well as business development support through market exploitation planning.


In the PLATFORM project the consortium will work together not only in the research and technological activities needed to solve the technical issues but also in the other main aspects that should be taken into account to transform a technical solutions to an industrial problems into a profitable business, that are:

  • The value proposition
  • The market approach
  • The business model
  • The competitive advantage (value proposition and competitors analysis)

With this business approach the possibilities of success in future industrialization and commercialization are much higher.

Organisation logo Organisation name Description Contact person

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) is a non-profit-making, private, independent and multisectoral organisation, recognised at National, European and International level. Through the development of technical standards and certifications, helps improve the quality and competitiveness of companies, products and services. AENOR has 20 offices in Spain and permanent presence in 12 countries mainly in Latin America and Europe.

Pilar Pérez Paradelo
Génova, 6
28004 Madrid
+34 914326056


Nanocyl S.A. is a medium-sized privately owned company, world leader in the commercialization and production of premium industrial multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) and conductive masterbatches. Nanocyl industrial NC7000™ multiwall carbon nanotube (460 metric ton annually) provides solid benefits at very low loadings to the Electronic Packaging, Automotive, Energy and Industrial sectors.

Dr. Nadir Kchit
Nanocyl S.A.
Rue de l’Essor, 4
5060 Sambreville
+32 71750692


SISTEPLANT is an industrial engineering and Software developer company founded in 1984 and is the Spanish leading company in the software and consultancy in the area of Lean Manufacturing. The company is located in Derio, in the Technological Park of Bizkaia – Spain and has around 125 employees, with a common aim of reaching satisfactory implementations with a practical focus that guarantees booth short term results and consistent management practices in the customer companies.

Mario Insunza
Parque Tecnologico
de Bizkaia, Building 607
48160 DERIO
+34 946021200

The Technology
Partners Foundation (TECPAR)

TECPAR is a scientific research and implementation organisation specialised in innovation management and in the performance of large-scale interdisciplinary research projects. It is an Advanced Technology Centre, a status awarded by the Minister of Science of Poland in 2004. TECPAR experience includes building partnerships and mapping capabilities, and organising and managing participation in international research programmes, primarily EU Framework Programmes. TECPAR coordinates activities of, and legally represents the Technology Partners Consortium -an association of ten research institutes and two SMEs.

Tomasz Kosmider
Technology Partners
5A Pawinskiego St.
02-106 Warszawa
+48 226583607


Fidamc is a foundation created in 2006 by the Spanish Ministry of Industry (through CDTI, who chairs the entity), the Regional Government of Madrid and EADS N.V. (current Airbus Group) focused on research, development and application of composite materials. It is a center mainly addressed to the aerospace R&D activities but widely open other sectors, having projects in railway, wind energy, naval engineering or automotive sector. Main general activities are: improvement of known technologies; analysis, test and demonstration of emerging technologies; way of application of those technologies to specific products; contribute to establish specific Design Principles/Stress methods; propose new lines of research to University; R&D Labs and others centers.

Bernardo López
Avda. Rita Levi Montalcini, 29
28906 Getafe
+34 916244610


Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF) is an industrial research organization providing R&D and innovation services for the different companies of the FIAT Group and its automotive suppliers. The core competence of CRF is centered on land transportation and advanced technologies, materials and processes. CRF is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for the research, engineering, and testing of material, processes, and technologies, from long term research up to materials and processes validation and standardization, capable to guarantee a prompt transfer to the sectorial product design functions.

Matteo Basso
C.R.F. S.C.p.A.
Group Materials Labs –
Polymers & Glass – Composites
Via Ex Aeroporto s.n.
Edificio 14 – P.T.
80038 Pomigliano
d’Arco (NA)
+39 08119696728


Element provides materials and product qualification testing expertise in the aerospace, transport, oil & gas and power generation industries. The expertise at Element Hitchin includes innovative testing capabilities that cover composites, thermoplastics, structural adhesives and elastomers. Element is a network of 51 laboratories and over 1800 scientists, engineers and technicians across Europe and North America and are ready to provide support to the materials testing aspects of the project.

Valentina Multane
Element Materials Technology Hitchin
Wilbury Way
Hitchin SG4 0TW
United Kingdom
+44 1462427850


Research organization focused on development of materials manufacturing. Expertise in nanocomposites processes and research, market update activities in the transport sector, buckypapers development, pilot plant for buckypaper development, composite manufacturing processes, financial and administrative coordination of European projects, training and dissemination activities.

Sonia Flórez
Mikeletegi Pasealekua 2
E-20009 Donostia –
San Sebastián
+34 943105115

TMBK Partners

Expertise in melt-blown production, new filtration technologies, setting-up production stands and facilities, doped veils fabrication, thermoplastic materials processing.

Michal Towpik
TMBK Partners
5A Pawinskiego St.
02-106 Warszawa
+48 226581476


Research Organization working with the field of materials & structures giving emphasis in the science, the technology and the applications of composite materials.
Expertise in R&D for composite manufacturing techniques, material design and characterization, tooling development for small/lab scale machines for composites production, experimental production line for nano-treated prepreg, building educational tools for training sessions in field of composite materials, academic dissemination activities. AML/UoP is an accredited Test House for various mechanical tests for composites and has broad experience in participation in international collaborative R&D activities (EU, ESA, NSF etc)

Professor Vassilis
Director of Applied
Mechanics and Vibrations
Department of Mechanical
Engineering & Aeronautics
University of Patras
Patras University
GR-265 00 Patras
+30 2610969443,
+30 2610969441


Technology SME focused on product development based on Nano-Composite Materials, Composites Processing & Manufacturing, and Engineering Design & Analysis. Knowledge in nano-integration strategies, processing optimization for nano-enabled composite materials, composite & nano-composites developments in highly demanding applications (space). Experience in up-scaling/ industrialization of nano-integration strategies, industrial infrastructure where the up-scaled pilot plant for the production of nano-treated prepreg, experience in business development and international exposure in composite market for multi-scaled reinforced composites

Antonios Vavouliotis
Old National Road Patras-
Athens 289
+30 2610931730


Carbures Europe S.A. is an engineering and manufacturing company in composites structures, specializing in carbon fiber. The continuous generation of value and the know-how acquired since its beginning as a research group has allowed Carbures to become a provider of carbon fiber structures in the aviation, naval, automotive, rail, infrastructure and healthcare fields, contributing actively with the first level aeronautical constructors to reach results. Indeed, Carbures suppliers of key OEM customers. In its value chain, R&D, design and calculation, Non-recurrence Engineering, Manufacturing, Recurrence Engineering, Optimization and improvement processes are integrated. The company has the highest and most prestigious certifications in Quality Management System and Process Certifications.

Daniel Claret
Carbures Europe SA
Tecnoparque Bahía de Cádiz.
Calle Ingeniería 4
11500 El Puerto de
Santa María – Cádiz
+34 956549176